*Not available in the United States, pending FDA.

Voice Selector Study

Easy listening. Ultimate clarity.

Voice Selector Study is a compact tabletop device that cuts through background noise for ultimate clarity. Connect it to your headphones and find your focus.

Acoustic beam for directional focus

Amplify the sound you want and reduce the noise you don’t.
For better concentration, simply set the direction – and get back to focus.

Simple to use


1.  Place your Voice Selector Study on the table and put on your headphones

2. The device will auto-tune to the dominant speaker

3. Listen clearly without distractions

Listening modes


Auto-track the main speaker’s voice for ultimate clarity


Auto-follow the main speaker, wherever they are


Manually pick up to two dominant speakers for easy conversation

Want more information about Voice Selector Study? Write to us at voiceselector@nuanceaudio.com